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Putting down roots

Looking back over images I’ve taken since I last wrote I realise there has been a subconscious theme building – one of growth, shelter and putting down roots. I’ve been looking up a lot it seems, noticing the trees that I pass by on my regular walks to University. Capturing the change in season of […]

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Taking a new direction

Things will be slowing down drastically on the wandering side of life for us at the moment, actually more like a screeching halt than a slow decline on the travel front. Starting University this week I’ll be face down reading as I kick start a new career as a Social Worker. I’m dreaming of working with […]

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Trying to stop in Lombok

All my life I’ve found it incredibly hard to stay in one place. Yeah, yeah, first world problems and all that. I’ve lost count of the number of houses I’ve lived in and I seem to be always craving new environments, new cultures and new foods to shove in my fickle mouth. Anything new. In […]

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Destination: Indonesia – the islands of Lombok, Bali and the Gili’s

We are super excited to be heading to a few beautiful islands that make up the incredible archipelago of Indonesia. We’ve wrangled some cheap flights from Australia to Bali and have three weeks to see as much of the natural beauty of the region we can squeeze in. In particular the islands of Lombok, the Gili’s […]

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Why we’re not flying to New Zealand today and why that’s actually awesome

I knew something was up when Andres arrived home during his normal work hours clasping a bottle of champagne, a bottle of red and a bounty of New Zealand mussels. Something terrible. With an unusually sheepish look on his face he muttered something about bad news. Lets start on the red I thought, and maybe […]

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Learning to stop

I know it sounds spoiled, but re-entering society and stopping in one place after two years on the road is challenging. No more strange and cheap street food out your front door, no more feeling deliciously lost in a foreign landscape. Staying in one spot means responsibility, the routine of running a house and the necessary evil […]

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Why communal living could be good for you

We might not be travelling right now, choosing to stop a while in Australia and dust off our backpacks, but the world doesn’t need to stop coming to us. We thought it would be worthwhile sharing our perspective on communal living – the benefits and challenges of deciding on a more shared existence. Before Andres […]

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Borneo or Bust

A few years ago I took a solo trip to Borneo – my main mission being to climb Mt Kinabalu, appreciate the orangutans, and get muddy in the jungle. This is the start of that journey as I re-share my emails home. Kris Today is the big day! I am armed with a list of […]

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Touching down on Planet Galapagos

Five years ago I took a couple of months out to do a whirlwind trip to South America. Mainly I had dreamed of seeing the animals on Galapagos Islands and hiking in the high altitude mountains of the Andes. This is the continuation and retelling of that journey. Kris I just came back from the […]

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The low down and dirty on Chinese toilets

When Andres and I were living in China we befriended an American scientist with a healthy dose of wanderlust. He’s been travelling throughout Asia for a while before he buckles down to do his PhD. Along the way he’s been writing about his journey and recently shared a story that was too funny, and way […]

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