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A dedo [Verb]: By thumb, hitchhiking to Patagonia

Hitchhiking is more than a way to avoid transportation expenses while surrendering to chance. ‘Thumbing it’ is also a guaranteed way to encounter colorful individuals, as you visit far-off places and ruminate what you would not appreciate otherwise. That, or a shortcut to the front page of lurid newspapers. Looking for a fair share of […]

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Photo dump: Cordoban clout

Cordoba – Argentina’s second largest city – showed us no signs of a second rate attitude. Smack bang in the geographical centre of the country, the locals seem to wear their cultural heart on their sleeve. Not an attractive stop at first sight, the city’s beauty lies in the core surrounding the leafy plazas. Blessed […]

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Photo dump: Capilla del Senor

Exploring a quiet town at the end of the train line North of Buenos Aires. Orange trees, colourful streets and friendly faces. k&a Social media whore us:

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End of the line and back

After 3 weeks of hard concrete in Buenos Aires it was time to get a random train to a green space. A place where the vast sky of the low lying pampas could be fully appreciated. With this in mind we headed North West on the Tigre train line towards the outskirts of the mega […]

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