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The silk artisans of Siem Reap, Cambodia

“Anyone interested in stopping at the silk farm?” someone shouted out to our group en route to Siem Reap from Battambang. No response. How exciting could silk worms be?, I thought to myself. As we got closer to the city, the team I had been volunteering with during my stay in Cambodia got more excited […]

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Sleeping under Egyptian stars

A few years ago I travelled solo to Egypt where I would meet up with other travellers for the usual gammit of Egyptian experiences; a float down the Nile, a camp in the desert, and a wander in ancient tombs. This is the continuation of my adventure. Kris After a fewpent around a camp fire […]

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Australia’s obsession with tea

The other day I was involved in a celebration and exhibition at the State Library of Queensland based on the sheer passion Australian’s have about drinking tea. It made me sentimental for the ‘brew’ I grew up sipping with my English born grandmothers. I realised, like a lot of Aussies, that we are closely linked […]

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Nice day for a white Chinese wedding

Living under a cold mountain range at a highish elevation is completely different to the tropical Australia we left behind. The Cangshan mountains aren’t high by Himalayan standards and not really snowy by Winter measures, but seeing them every day as part of the landscape is a new pleasure. The mountains dominate the old town […]

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Photo dump: Discovering the backstreets of traditional Kyoto

I’ve always thought of food when the word Japan is mentioned, as well as cherry blossoms, falling autumn leaves, beautiful fabrics and modern design mixed with traditional beauty. Stopping in Kyoto for a few days I discovered a whole lot more. Unfortunately the heat of summer meant the changing of the leaves was late, I had […]

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Temple gazing in Japan

This is a guest story by a friend I’ve been travelling with in Japan. Dieter is a Graphic Design Director from Brisbane, an enthusiastic traveller, a player of saxophones, and an admirer of architectural aesthetics. He’s also a cool travel companion. Kris When I think of Japan, I can`t help but think of tsunamis, bullet trains, […]

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Photodump: The Mexican highlands of San Cristobal de las Casas

For my first stop in Mexico, San Cristobal de las Casas served up the traditional Latin goods; spicy street snacks, kick ass margaritas, traditional clothes, Zapatista political passion and a whole lot of riotous colour. I already know that 10 days in the Yucatan Peninsula is just a tease. I can`t even scratch the surface […]

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Photo dump: The big, fat Colombian wedding

Colombians and Australians share a passion to party, and what better excuse than a wedding. Sitting in a huge room of new friends I packed a thirsty palette and a curious appetite. After a decadent pre-wedding ladies day with my friend Paola, involving hot chocolate massages and fruit exfoliation, all the goodness was quickly undone […]

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