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Daybreak at Tallows Beach

Rising in the dark to walk through the bush at Arakwal National Park, the early sounds of expectant birds, chattery frogs and foamy waves guiding my way. It’s always a childlike pleasure to see the potential of a new day rise up out of the ocean, uninterrupted. There is another woman just down the beach, greeting the day […]

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A fresh look at Byron Bay’s Lighthouse Trail

Summer has been a total sweat fest in Brisbane this past month, with temps smashing forty right in the face. As I perspired my way through the festive season, not a seabreeze in sight, all I’ve been able to think about is running head-on in to the ocean like some kind of inland bogan monster. The time […]

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Portrait of an Aussie beach day

I’ve recently spent about six weeks hibernating at home; keeping out of the light while I had a challenging preventative sun cancer treatment on my face. My feet have been incredibly itchy. So it was that the other day, with a disproportionate level of excitement, that we headed for a weekend with friends in Byron Bay. […]

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Byron Bay to Nimbin and all the rainforesty bits in between

A stay in Byron Bay wouldn’t be complete without a lengthy meander through the surrounding rural areas; a veritable paradise of super green rolling hills, dense rainforest, quirky villages and unique arts and crafts. The kind of place Andres and I dream of moving too if we can somehow wrangle a job there. I wanted to […]

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Walking the incredibly stunning Cape Byron track

You’ll need a good two hours to properly experience the Cape Byron walking track – it’s so visually stunning and naturally inspiring that you might reach the end and feel like doing it all again. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to spend a few hours in Byron Bay. The 3.7km loop leads […]

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Aussie coastal living

There are some things that are easy to take for granted as an Australian that grew up on the coast – like shoes being optional, the ability to get your bearings by listening for the ocean and a casual approach to life that prioritises outdoor time. Normally Andres and I live in a city that […]

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Farmers Markets – Byron Bay style

It’s no secret that the Byron Bay region is home to a lot of health conscious, peace loving, preferably organic eating folk. So every Thursday in town the good farmers and their faithful patrons gather to share the best of the in season gifts from the land. It’s a pleasure to shop there. You’ll find […]

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Browsing Byron Bay’s eclectic Sunday market

Whenever Andres and I met travellers overseas who were keen to visit Australia, almost all of them had a desire to include Byron Bay on their itinerary, and fair enough too. It’s a country town with an incredible natural landscape, a great surf break, alternative open minded people and close to some incredible hinterland escapes. […]

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Discovering the quiet side of Byron Bay

I often hear people say “Byron Bay, argh, it’s just not the same anymore”. Sure, it’s already heaving with people this time of year, the main beach is starting to drone with the multi-cultural accents of backpackers, and the night club scene has turned that much further to the seedy side. But then there’s Tallows […]

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East coast cruising to Byron Bay

In Australia it’s pretty normal to spend several hours getting to where you want to go. With abundant nature stops and kangaroos appearing at dusk, it’s always a beautiful drive along the coast some 900 kilometres between Sydney and Brisbane. On the way we couldn’t resist stopping at one of Australia’s most well known spots […]

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