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East coast cruising to Byron Bay

In Australia it’s pretty normal to spend several hours getting to where you want to go. With abundant nature stops and kangaroos appearing at dusk, it’s always a beautiful drive along the coast some 900 kilometres between Sydney and Brisbane. On the way we couldn’t resist stopping at one of Australia’s most well known spots […]

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Relishing the classic Aussie beach day

For me, growing up in Sydney was all about the Harbour – swimming laps in ocean pools after school, meeting friends at parks to watch the sunset across the water and body surfing the breaks along the Northern Beaches. Returning home to perfect weather after two years away has reminded me how lucky I am […]

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Photo dump: Easing in to Nicaragua from San Juan del Sur

Hitting the Pacific Coast in the far South West of Nicaragua seemed liked the logical first stop from Costa Rica. San Juan del Sur has a good reputation as a base amongst die hard gringo surfers, enthusiastic rum drinkers and Nicaraguan holiday makers. I was interested in a beach with a wave and the ease […]

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