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How to make seafood paella

 With family visitors staying with us in Byron Bay for a week, we thought it only right to break out the decadence. So Andres kicked off the cooking with a dish that fuses spicy Latin style with good Australian seafood – Paella. This is how you make it – in pictures. Enjoy! Social media whore […]

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Getting our Latin on in Melbourne

One of the toughest things for visiting food lovers to Melbourne would have to be dealing with the huge amount of choice. With only four nights to indulge we wanted to make our restaurant selection count. So we feel we have to mention a couple of our favourite finds. After a day of wandering we started to […]

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How to make sweet, sweet Roti

The good people of Thailand knew a tasty thing when they saw it; they took the traditional Indian Roti and turned it in to a decadently sweet snack that goes perfectly with the island vibe of their own country. A brilliant chocolate chaser after a spicy coconut curry. Andres can’t stop eating them, so I […]

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The exotic, weird and damn tasty food of Kunming, China

Imagine our excitement on Christmas Day, in a huge city where the festive season wasn’t really happening, to come across a virtual outdoor temple of food. We felt like all our Christmases had come at once, at least in an exotic food sense. And since it’s a widely known fact that Chinese people like to […]

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