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A vegetarian oasis in central Saigon

Vietnam is often touted as a food mecca for die hard Asian cuisine lovers, but finding somewhere to eat as a vegetarian isn’t so easy. Even if you eat seafood, it is often stuffed full of pork or poked in a chunk of beef. But in central Saigon there is now a place where you […]

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Understanding the dark recent history of Vietnam

Visiting the War Remants Museum of Ho Chi Minh City isn’t a happy day out; the whole thing is quite an emotional roller coaster that never peaks. At the entrance, fat armchair war nerds take pictures, smiling as they stand next to old Chinook helicopters while drinking from a can of coke. Everything goes downhill […]

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It’s not you Asia. It’s me.

I’m not really a fan of big cities, especially ones with life threatening traffic crossings, apocalyptic levels of pollution and the highest crime rate in the entire country. I was already on the back foot in regards to being won over by one of Asia’s major megalopolises. Stopping in Ho Chi Minh City reluctantly, packing […]

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Photo dump: Poking about the central market of Saigon

Our first impression on entering the mega city of Ho Chi Minh through killer traffic, chronic honking and sprawling rubbish wasn’t exactly positive; it looked like another over crowded Asian shit hole. Not too keen on visiting big cities, it just happens to be the only place we can apply for our Chinese visa as we head […]

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