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Settling in to Siem Reap

Returning to Cambodia after a four year hiatus feels very cruisy. The familiar smell of red jasmine growing over fences, the wafts of burning rubbish, lemongrass and coconut curry, welcoming us back with open arms. To find yourself revisiting a place that you know even a little means the desire to rush around and see the main […]

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Photo dump: Vietnamese Island Time

For our first four days in Vietnam it’s been pretty much eat, swim, walk, float, swim, roll over, eat, order another iced coffee, explore somewhere on motorbike, ponder a sunset massage, eat some more and then fall in to the deep sleep of the devil. Vietnamese food is hitting the spicy mark and the people […]

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Photo dump: Kicking back on the Cambodian Coastline

After some guys on a motorbike tried to relieve Kris of of her camera in Phnom Penh, leaving her with fractured ribs, we decided ignoring the problem wasn’t going to work. We needed to stop and rest. De-accelerating near the water was the natural choice; so we’ve been getting well acquainted with a couple of […]

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