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People watching on Broadbeach

One of the best ways to understand Aussie locals is to get amongst the crowd at a music festival. There are a lot of free events, like the recent Blues on Broadbeach – a four day celebration of blues music and beach living on the Gold Coast. I hung out with some girlfriends under the […]

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Noosa River boys weekend

Hanging out with two friends I’ve known for over twenty years, Andres and I made the most of a visit to the coastal town of Noosa by hitting the waterways. Basically we spent three days doing what typical Aussie boys do; skurfing behind a high speed boat, cruising the river, playing pub games, barbecuing meat […]

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Australia’s obsession with tea

The other day I was involved in a celebration and exhibition at the State Library of Queensland based on the sheer passion Australian’s have about drinking tea. It made me sentimental for the ‘brew’ I grew up sipping with my English born grandmothers. I realised, like a lot of Aussies, that we are closely linked […]

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Taking a nature break in Brisbane

We’ve been back in Brisbane for just over a week, in which time we’ve acquired the accoutrements of a past life; mobile phones, diaries, alarms, keys, appointments, lovely friends, jobs and rent. It’s a reverse culture shock of sorts, in most ways great, but strange all at once. We needed some nature. Brisbane boasts the […]

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