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Peninsulas and pimples

The first time Kris and I studied an Argentinean map with wandering intent, Peninsula Valdes piqued our curiosity in the same way a pimple decorating the tip on the nose of a gorgeous anchorwoman would. Never mind the two dozen babies on the bus rolling down the cliff, smashing a nursery of baby pandas; I […]

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It’s a seals life

A rough, howling wind is banging at my ears. I can hear the guttural sounds of a nearby male, revelling in the cry of his Saturday night call. The hustle of urban tunes and screeching asphalt playing aggressively in the background. It’s 3am and the city is just picking up the pace, winding up for […]

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Photo dump: Elephant seal love at Punta Ninfas

Our peak inside the deep eyes of an animal that has seemingly mastered the art of motionless zen. A remote Patagonian beach all to ourselves, besides a large pod of mellow elefantes marinos. Naturegasm! k&a Social media whore us:

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