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Discovering the heart of Havana

In only a few days Havana has managed to rapidly shake up my political perspective. During my twenties I was enchanted by the Socialist Alliance mantra as well as an empathy of the Cuban revolution from a less than truly understood distance. Support for Cuba – a country seemingly aloft on a Socialist raft in […]

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Photo dump: Bogota tour de historia

I`ve just spent 2 weeks visiting Bogota during the worst floods in 4o years. The soggy weather, combined with people fleeing for Easter, meant the city was more peaceful than normal. Armed with the local knowledge of Andres`s family, we wandered through the old streets of the historic centre, elaborate art museums and gold encrusted […]

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I am very happy for you gays, er, guys.

Today, Argentinean homosexual couples woke up (the ones who had any sleep), to find that they are equal to their heterosexual counterparts in the eyes of the law. At around 4am, the Senate, on it’s 17th debate about it, voted for amending the civil code. In a move that allows same sex marriages and grants […]

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