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A Byron Bay backyard

Byron Bay sits proudly on the most Easterly point of Australia, complete with lush, sub-tropical vegetation and rainfall heavy enough to make farmers in much of the rest of the country envious. It’s no surprise then to find an abundance of cool flora; much of which resides in my girlfriends beautiful, rambling back yard. Here’s a […]

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How to make sweet, sweet Roti

The good people of Thailand knew a tasty thing when they saw it; they took the traditional Indian Roti and turned it in to a decadently sweet snack that goes perfectly with the island vibe of their own country. A brilliant chocolate chaser after a spicy coconut curry. Andres can’t stop eating them, so I […]

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Falling in love with our new Chinese home of Dali

After more than a year and a half on the road, it took us less than a day, fresh off the train from the bustle of Kunming City, to feel our bodies and minds react to the beauty and vibe of Dali. We wanted to stay. Bad. As a touristy small town, popular with Chinese […]

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Photo dump: Vietnamese Island Time

For our first four days in Vietnam it’s been pretty much eat, swim, walk, float, swim, roll over, eat, order another iced coffee, explore somewhere on motorbike, ponder a sunset massage, eat some more and then fall in to the deep sleep of the devil. Vietnamese food is hitting the spicy mark and the people […]

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Photo dump: The dark and tasty spaces of Phnom Penh

As per usual, in true gluttonous form, the main focus of a new country experience means to poke and sniff around the central food market spaces. Visiting Cambodia is no exception. For a country with a horrific history, what better way to look toward the future than to get lost in the tastes of lemon grass, […]

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Photo dump: Discovering the backstreets of traditional Kyoto

I’ve always thought of food when the word Japan is mentioned, as well as cherry blossoms, falling autumn leaves, beautiful fabrics and modern design mixed with traditional beauty. Stopping in Kyoto for a few days I discovered a whole lot more. Unfortunately the heat of summer meant the changing of the leaves was late, I had […]

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Photo dump: Deliciously dishevelled Cuba

I’ve always had a fantasy about walking the steamy streets of Havana, riding in an old car as Cuban music taps out an infectious Latin rhythm. All my dreams came true for three days as the rain soaked streets delivered the classic cool that is often sad but mostly beautiful. These are my favourite images […]

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Tres colores de Antigua: Eat, Shop, Love!

Wandering the streets of Antigua amongst the explosion of colour, colonial architecture and traditional Guatemalan food, I can see why UNESCO thought it best to protect it as a World Heritage Site. For me, it´s the most beautiful city I have visited in Central America. I need to return with a huge empty bag to […]

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Photo dump: The architectural beauty of Granada, Nicaragua

As far as cities go in Latin America Granada is a pleasure. Small enough to enjoy on foot, easy enough to appreciate in one day, and as the sun sets the beauty of her multi-coloured fading texture intensifies. Also known as La Gran Sultana because of the Moorish and Andalusian influenced architecture, the streets are pure […]

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Photo dump: Easing in to Nicaragua from San Juan del Sur

Hitting the Pacific Coast in the far South West of Nicaragua seemed liked the logical first stop from Costa Rica. San Juan del Sur has a good reputation as a base amongst die hard gringo surfers, enthusiastic rum drinkers and Nicaraguan holiday makers. I was interested in a beach with a wave and the ease […]

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