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Peninsulas and pimples

The first time Kris and I studied an Argentinean map with wandering intent, Peninsula Valdes piqued our curiosity in the same way a pimple decorating the tip on the nose of a gorgeous anchorwoman would. Never mind the two dozen babies on the bus rolling down the cliff, smashing a nursery of baby pandas; I […]

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Photo dump: Penguin paradise at Punta Tombo

Exploring the largest penguin colony outside Antartica on the Patagonian Coastline. 400,000 waddling birds doing their busy best during the Summer hatching season. Did we mention fluffy baby penguins?! k&a Social media whore us:

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Photo dump: Hiking Los Hitos to Chile

Choosing the hike less travelled for an Argentinian visa extension. Walking 35km through Lago Puelo National Park to the Chilean border and back; along the way touching ice blue lakes, gushing mountain streams and some pretty cool campsites. k&a Social media whore us:

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Photo dump: Chasing the Patagonian blue

The humbling outdoor spaces, the high peaks and the late golden light that we’ve called home for two months – springtime El Bolson. A visual perspective of the curvy beauty aside the ice blue Rio Azul and the riotous colour of the meandering river banks. k&a Social media whore us:

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A dedo [Verb]: By thumb, hitchhiking to Patagonia

Hitchhiking is more than a way to avoid transportation expenses while surrendering to chance. ‘Thumbing it’ is also a guaranteed way to encounter colorful individuals, as you visit far-off places and ruminate what you would not appreciate otherwise. That, or a shortcut to the front page of lurid newspapers. Looking for a fair share of […]

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Peaking Piltriquitron

Working at the base of snow kissed ‘Piltri’  from Granja los pinos kind of meant we had to climb her. Taunting us from below, changing faces regularly with the weather, she allowed us to appreciate her savage beauty while we happily farmed below. Gardening and chatting, we psyched ourselves up about how far we might […]

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The scoop

Considered a dirty word by some, a daily fix for others, and generally loved by humans of all ages, if you needed another reason to consider visiting Argentina, let´s discuss helado. We’re talking lovingly hand made, blended with Patagonian waterfall water, churned with blissful cow milk, organic dairy heaven. Some people say the best icecream pleasure […]

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Photo dump: The road to Patagonia

A roadside perspective from our week long ride. Hitching our way from Cordoba to El Bolson – Patagonia, across a diverse 2,000kms. Along the way we where humbled by local generosity, luna landscapes, towering volcanoes, our own unwashed humanity and enormous stretches of uninhabited beauty.  k&a Social media whore us:

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