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Looking for crocodiles in Juan Venado Island Nature Reserve

Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve is an important protected coastal wetland in North Western Nicaragua. It sits behind the stunning and practically uninhabited beaches of Las Peñitas and Poneloya and acts as a barrier island; creating the perfect swampy environment for crocodiles, turtles and different species of birds. The island is a thin strip of […]

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Volcano boarding down the hot slopes of Cerro Negro

There´s an active volcano in Nicaragua not far from the town of Leon that an Aussie guy used to climb up every day. He thought it would be cool to surf or slide down it some how. He first dragged a mattress up but that didn´t work. He tried riding a fridge door next? Then […]

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Photo dump: The architectural beauty of Granada, Nicaragua

As far as cities go in Latin America Granada is a pleasure. Small enough to enjoy on foot, easy enough to appreciate in one day, and as the sun sets the beauty of her multi-coloured fading texture intensifies. Also known as La Gran Sultana because of the Moorish and Andalusian influenced architecture, the streets are pure […]

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The only way is not up on Ometepe Island

Cycling the hills of Ometepe Island, my sweaty-as-sin poncho sticking to my skin, I made the easy realisation that I wasn´t going to be hiking up Concepcion Volcano as planned. The thought of hiking a minimum of 12 hours in volcanic mud and the predicted torrential rain didn´t sound as fun as I hoped. My […]

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Photo dump: Easing in to Nicaragua from San Juan del Sur

Hitting the Pacific Coast in the far South West of Nicaragua seemed liked the logical first stop from Costa Rica. San Juan del Sur has a good reputation as a base amongst die hard gringo surfers, enthusiastic rum drinkers and Nicaraguan holiday makers. I was interested in a beach with a wave and the ease […]

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