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!Adios Mexico!

After a few days on the Caribbean coast of Mexico I´d love to show you scenes of azure water and frolicking images of a pristine beach landscape. But I can´t. I´ve spent the entire time indoors; increasing my tolerance to spice, drinking tequila and mezcal knocked back with salty limes, topped off with dancing to […]

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On the lime infused Mexican road

I´ve been ticking off the cliche experiences in Mexico, drinking too much tequila, staring at ancient pyramids and gorging on nachos and burritos on the streets of Merida. I´ve found the Mexican people to be warm and sublimely helpful, the stereos cranked to a higher level than other Latin American countries and no absence of […]

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Climbing the Mayan pyramids of Palenque

I`ve wanted to come to Mexico for a long time, in particular to visit the Mayan ruins, but most of all the jungley site of Palenque. The ancient Mayans originally called their city Bàak’ (meaning water) to denote fluid unions and fertile lands. Considering it rains nine months of the year in the region the name […]

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Photodump: The Mexican highlands of San Cristobal de las Casas

For my first stop in Mexico, San Cristobal de las Casas served up the traditional Latin goods; spicy street snacks, kick ass margaritas, traditional clothes, Zapatista political passion and a whole lot of riotous colour. I already know that 10 days in the Yucatan Peninsula is just a tease. I can`t even scratch the surface […]

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Making a mariachi line to Mexico

Since our jungle job got the sudden flick we’ve been sitting in perpetually rainy and cold Bogota. While we’ve been relishing the sweat free climate, hot showers and fire side siestas we’ve had time to think, so we’ve come up with a new quest. We’re currently applying for an Australian visa for Andres so we […]

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