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Falling in love with our new Chinese home of Dali

After more than a year and a half on the road, it took us less than a day, fresh off the train from the bustle of Kunming City, to feel our bodies and minds react to the beauty and vibe of Dali. We wanted to stay. Bad. As a touristy small town, popular with Chinese […]

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How to make fresh Cambodian spring rolls

Fresh spring rolls are very much a part of the diet in this part of Asia, they are cheap to buy, versatile and really healthy. And on hot days they make the perfect satisfying snack-ette. You can make them stuffed full with any meat or vegetable combination; add fresh prawns and avocado or spice them […]

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Scoffing our way through the fresh seafood of Kep

We’ve been spending our last days in Cambodia on the South Eastern coastline of Kep, where it’s all about the local seafood, especially the crab cooked in every imaginable combination of peppercorns, chilli, lemongrass and garlic. The area is also renowned for it’s pepper farms and glimpses of it’s French colonial past. The only French […]

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How to make Nom Tong Noun – a sweet Cambodian desert

This is a very light and crunchy traditional Cambodian desert, often served with a milky icecream to chase away the heat on steamy nights. It’s super easy and quick to make, and looks a little fancier and trickier than it actually is. Scoff. You will need: Half a cup of rice flour, 2 duck eggs, […]

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How to make a classic Cambodian curry

In Khmer tradition, this classic curry dish is made for special occasions, like engagements and weddings. The average farm worker in Cambodia can’t afford all of the ingredients so it is normally reserved for times when people gather together in family and community; contributing a few items each and sharing the joy of cooking together. […]

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How to make zingy Khmer mango salad

You can’t go wrong with a Khmer style green mango and chicken salad, especially when it’s made with one of their locally grown staple ingredients – Palm Sugar. You could change the chicken for some hard tofu or go all out and add some extra nutty cashews. Perfect for steamy Cambodian nights. We likey. You […]

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How to make sticky rice flour balls with palm sugar

In Khmer tradition, this sticky sweet desert is made as an antidote for cheating husbands. Humorously nicknamed Kill Husband Cakes, they are traditionally served up as a bitter sweet delicacy that could get stuck in a mans throat and cause him to choke. Jokes aside, these sugar filled slippery rice balls are a curious texture […]

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How to make Cambodian Fish Amok

Cambodian cuisine is not as hot and spicy as neighbouring countries like Thailand and Vietnam, instead the focus is on fresh layers of flavour from herbs. Fish Amok is a dish that grabs it’s taste from the leaf of an abundantly grown Amok tree. In Khmer food the leafy tang of the Amok makes this […]

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Learning to cook in support of Cambodian communities

It’s no secret Andres and I love to eat, so exploring a new culture through taste is always high on our list of travelling priorities. We wanted to learn about the rich layers of local cuisine, enjoy the distinctively Khmer flavours, and if we could feel good about it too by helping people in some […]

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Photo dump: Discovering the backstreets of traditional Kyoto

I’ve always thought of food when the word Japan is mentioned, as well as cherry blossoms, falling autumn leaves, beautiful fabrics and modern design mixed with traditional beauty. Stopping in Kyoto for a few days I discovered a whole lot more. Unfortunately the heat of summer meant the changing of the leaves was late, I had […]

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