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Swimming with the incredible green sea turtles of Gili Air

With only a few days left of our three week holiday we made the unanimous decision that Bali could wait, we’d had several days on Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan but we just couldn’t pry ourselves away from the idyllic weather of the Gili’s. Everyone we met coming from Bali kept telling us how much […]

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Getting in to the groove of the Gili Islands

A few days chilling on Gili Meno and taking things easy was pretty close to idyllic, but we were in need of a little lash out and a good jump around, a place where we could meet a few other travellers and get our reggae on. With three very different islands to choose from in […]

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Kicking back on the very chilled island of Gili Meno

After hiking Mt Rinjani I was ready for some serious island time. Andres had spent the last few days getting to know the Gili Islands and we planned on meeting at Gili Meno – a little piece of land that has the reputation of being super quiet and the least inhabited of the three islands. With no paved roads […]

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Hiking Mount Rinjani – to summit or not to summit?

I like to think I’m not competitive, but friends who know me warts and all would probably disagree. I’ve always been a happy loser when it comes to a variety of stuff – like team sports, drinking games and life threatening leaps of faith. But when it comes to hiking I’ve had my own kind of […]

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Hiking to the volcanic hot springs of Mount Rinjani

The second day would see us trekking all the way down to the volcanic crater lake for a soak in the hot springs and then back up again to camp on the other side of the rim. Basically about six to seven hours of walking. I was worried that after the effort of hiking the first day […]

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Climbing Mount Rinjani

I seriously doubted I could do the Mount Rinjani hike about four hours in on the first day. My backpack was soaked through with sweat, I’d drank litres of water and still wouldn’t pee for another 24 hours – so complete was my exhaustion. My face felt swollen from exertion and my shit knee was […]

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Trying to stop in Lombok

All my life I’ve found it incredibly hard to stay in one place. Yeah, yeah, first world problems and all that. I’ve lost count of the number of houses I’ve lived in and I seem to be always craving new environments, new cultures and new foods to shove in my fickle mouth. Anything new. In […]

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Destination: Indonesia – the islands of Lombok, Bali and the Gili’s

We are super excited to be heading to a few beautiful islands that make up the incredible archipelago of Indonesia. We’ve wrangled some cheap flights from Australia to Bali and have three weeks to see as much of the natural beauty of the region we can squeeze in. In particular the islands of Lombok, the Gili’s […]

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