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The Cordoba Bible

My first impression of Cordoba as a city was unimpressive. A smaller version of Buenos Aires with less visual oomph. An abundance of churches with remnants of devotional stuff. Instinct told me our two month stay wasn’t going to be a spiritual experience. I needed a sign. The ‘light’ appeared in the form of Wendy; […]

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Photo dump: Christmas in Cordoba, Argentina

We believe the best thing about Christmas is the stuff you shove in your mouth. The joy of indulging in all your favourite tastes and the ideal excuse for some shared gluttony. With food in mind, we’ve captured images from the local market of Cordoba; red hot colour, spicy ingredients and a sweaty festive atmosphere. […]

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The scoop

Considered a dirty word by some, a daily fix for others, and generally loved by humans of all ages, if you needed another reason to consider visiting Argentina, let´s discuss helado. We’re talking lovingly hand made, blended with Patagonian waterfall water, churned with blissful cow milk, organic dairy heaven. Some people say the best icecream pleasure […]

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Latin Jammin

I woke up this morning feeling like I had spent the night sucking on a car exhaust pipe. Seriously. I must have had a good time. After a year together it didn’t take much arm twisting to convince Andres that a good night out was in order. Somewhere with cool tunes and liquid bubbles. Come […]

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Alfajor (al-fa-whore), pl. alfajores

When the shop is closed, drivers and pedestrians walk by and fail to hide their grimacing looks. If its open, upon your entrance, the staff smile profusely. They lure you with free samples, it´s OK, they know you’ll stick around. You have  a go at everything the shop has to offer as you bask next […]

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Gluttony on a budget

Champagne on a beer budget is a good Aussie expression I like to refer to, even though I know it doesn’t sound like much fun to skimp on food! Fine tuning our taste buds, to reflect our wallet, has been an interesting challenge – but we haven’t exactly been going hungry. We have managed to […]

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I think there is crack in my Argentinian pastry

Something is going down in the bakeries here. The smell of sweet pastry goods is seriously cranked to addictive levels. By the time winter thaws, our bodies will be made of 80% dulce de leche. Not to mention the cheesy onion empanadas (that Andres likes to call poor man’s fondue), and the best buttery croissants […]

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Wine reviews by a quaffer

AR$12 (US$3) at the corner shop will get you a bottle of Gran Reservado. Orfila, the winemaking enterprise behind this bottle is so proud of it that they don’t list it in their website, or specify the variety of grapes used in the process. But don’t let that introduction throw you off. Arriving from Mendoza, […]

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Food joints discerning cabbies favour

There are few subjects in the universe where a cab driver’s opinion should be revered; the promptest way to navigate from point A to point B (provided his ability to profit by supplying such knowledge does not diminish), jokes that you would not share with Mother Theresa, and eateries that serve the most bang-for-your-buck are […]

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