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Seafood gazing at Jimbaran Bay

First stop in Bali – we needed a place close to the airport for our midnight arrival, preferably near the beach and preferably cheap. Come on down Jimbaran Bay! The biggest attraction for us being that the area boasts the best seafood in Bali. While Andres slept off his recent lengthy night shifts I took an early morning […]

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How to make seafood paella

 With family visitors staying with us in Byron Bay for a week, we thought it only right to break out the decadence. So Andres kicked off the cooking with a dish that fuses spicy Latin style with good Australian seafood – Paella. This is how you make it – in pictures. Enjoy! Social media whore […]

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Oktoberfest – Aussie style

Apparently Australia hosts the biggest Oktoberfest action in the world – outside of  Germany. It makes total sense when you consider how attached to sausages and beer us Aussies are; not to mention the chance to play dress ups in lederhosen! So when a friend invited us around to partake in some German style eating […]

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Following our stomach around the markets of Melbourne

One of the nicest things about a city visit to Melbourne has to be the abundance of shopping choices. But for me, as a woman who is not in to aimless wandering for clothes, preferring a good poke around an outdoor food or art market, Melbourne certainly delivers. There’s something about open air stalls, dealing […]

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Getting our Latin on in Melbourne

One of the toughest things for visiting food lovers to Melbourne would have to be dealing with the huge amount of choice. With only four nights to indulge we wanted to make our restaurant selection count. So we feel we have to mention a couple of our favourite finds. After a day of wandering we started to […]

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A taste of Straddie

North Stradbroke Island or Straddie as it’s affectionately known, is a spectacular place. Close to Brisbane, the island has the magical ability of making you feel far away as soon as the boat chugs away from the shore. Winter or Summer the island is stunning. With wild coastline, beaches that can only be accessed by […]

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Noosa River boys weekend

Hanging out with two friends I’ve known for over twenty years, Andres and I made the most of a visit to the coastal town of Noosa by hitting the waterways. Basically we spent three days doing what typical Aussie boys do; skurfing behind a high speed boat, cruising the river, playing pub games, barbecuing meat […]

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Homage to one of Australia’s fondest drinks – Beer

The other night Andres and I had the pleasure of eating with good friends – one being a chef of fancy proportions, home on a flying visit and eager to get stuck in to the kitchen. And like most men reunited with familiar home comforts, Chef Andy thought a beer matched feast was in order. […]

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Hitting up the fine wine trail through Australia’s Hunter Valley

There’s a place very close to my heart a mere two hours from Sydney. Not only does my sister live there, but it’s also a land of wine and honey. A place where some of Australia’s best boutique vineyards flaunt there bottled temptations and quickly twist your arm in to stopping longer. It’s known as […]

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Savouring Australia’s incredible seafood

Considering Australia is a huge island and most of the population live along the coastline, it’s easy to understand how heavily seafood features as part of our cuisine. So after being away for such a long time, and breaking fifteen years as a vegetarian eating fish in Latin America, a feast was in order. A […]

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