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The Routeburn Track: our ultimate New Zealand experience Part 2

Our second day hiking the Routeburn Track took us way above the tree line, along steep cliffs with spectacular views of the mountain range, past glacial lakes and icy waterfalls – easily the best day of the three day trail. It’s hard to beat the feeling of knowing you’ve got a steep mountain to climb, making […]

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The Routeburn Track: our ultimate New Zealand experience

Hiking the Routeburn Track would have to be hands down, the best adventure we had during our recent weeks in New Zealand. Imagine mossy paths littered with ferns, bracing mountain air, trails all to ourselves and the mission of getting to a height of over 1500 metres with a spectacular view of the local mountain […]

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Aussie road trippin’

It’s no surprise when you look at a map of Australia, work out the distance between towns and then realise how bloody far it is to get from one place to the next that driving is a big part of our culture. It also means that the average Aussie has not only grown up enduring […]

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Flowering Aussie Summer

It’s starting to get really sweaty in sub-tropical Brisbane – the fans are becoming a constant accompaniment to the sound of cicadas, lawn mowers and squawking bats at sunset. The perfect season to revisit one of my favourite natural spaces in our city – The Botanical Gardens at Mt Cootha. Established for over 40 years, […]

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Photo dump: Chinese people watching

With a sneaky long lens I took to the streets of Dali. I wanted to try and capture some of the interesting and beautiful people we pass daily. From the old faces that sit around outdoor tables playing mahjong, to the well earned wrinkles at the central food market, the routine of Chinese life is abundantly […]

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