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Photodump: the last days of Winter

After a whirlwind South America trip, coming down from the Colombian experience has been made all the easier by focusing on the beauty in our own backyard. With the last days of Winter reminding us very much of Spring and a lengthy visit from my parents, returning to the usual routine has been pretty special. These snap shots are […]

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Putting down roots

Looking back over images I’ve taken since I last wrote I realise there has been a subconscious theme building – one of growth, shelter and putting down roots. I’ve been looking up a lot it seems, noticing the trees that I pass by on my regular walks to University. Capturing the change in season of […]

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Nesting at Mama Naxi’s

Not since March last year, when we lived in the sweaty Amazon jungle, have we completely unpacked our bags. But the time has come to shake out the dirt and find a place for our few exhausted possessions; let ourselves think we might be ‘home’ for a while. And it feels great. The Hostel is […]

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