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Photo dump: Deliciously dishevelled Cuba

I’ve always had a fantasy about walking the steamy streets of Havana, riding in an old car as Cuban music taps out an infectious Latin rhythm. All my dreams came true for three days as the rain soaked streets delivered the classic cool that is often sad but mostly beautiful. These are my favourite images […]

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A night out in Cuba

Cuba is a contradiction of sorts, with some of the most attractive people in the world walking the streets of Havana, against a backdrop of fading architectural gorgeousness, it’s often hard to know where to look first. I went searching for the music of the people. I ended up sweating in a disco that was […]

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Discovering the heart of Havana

In only a few days Havana has managed to rapidly shake up my political perspective. During my twenties I was enchanted by the Socialist Alliance mantra as well as an empathy of the Cuban revolution from a less than truly understood distance. Support for Cuba – a country seemingly aloft on a Socialist raft in […]

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