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Photo dump: Not so wild animals

Most people that come to the Amazon want to see exotic animals and we`re no different. But if you don`t have time to hike far in to the jungle, sit patiently for hours in pretty wild conditions, they can be hard to find. There is a local house in our village that has a few […]

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Photo dump: Sugar sweet Sucre

Sucre is Bolivia on it’s best behaviour; super clean streets, manicured gardens, white-washed classical buildings and some of the best chocolate the country has to offer. We spent time lazing in cafes drinking lime and sugar Caipirina’s, sampling intense hot chocolates and making sure the local salteña was well understood. Add to that an incredible […]

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Hiking to San Isidro

I was long overdue to get my hike on, determined to find some people to help me scratch the trekking itch. Wandering solo in nature isn’t a safe idea in a lot of places, especially Iruya. After a heavy night of rain the river was frothing a turgid chocolate colour and the soft soil of […]

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Photo dump: Exploring Iruya

The past few days I’ve been heading closer to Bolivia, immersed in the remoteness of North West Argentina. Experiencing the tranquil feeling of being alone. Surrounded by nature and just enough people; exactly the kind of ‘lost’ I’ve been seeking. Leaving Purmamarca, then passing overnight in Humahuaca, I was fortunate to finally arrive in Iruya […]

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Photo dump: Pondering Purmamarca

Leaving the lush green hills of Salta behind, the bus chugged it’s way higher some 1,000 metres to Purmamarca – population 350. Nothing to do was exactly what I was looking for. Cactus covered barren mountains tower over the mud brick town, changing colour as quickly as the light. I found a room to stay […]

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Photo dump: Christmas in Cordoba, Argentina

We believe the best thing about Christmas is the stuff you shove in your mouth. The joy of indulging in all your favourite tastes and the ideal excuse for some shared gluttony. With food in mind, we’ve captured images from the local market of Cordoba; red hot colour, spicy ingredients and a sweaty festive atmosphere. […]

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Photo dump: Hiking Los Hitos to Chile

Choosing the hike less travelled for an Argentinian visa extension. Walking 35km through Lago Puelo National Park to the Chilean border and back; along the way touching ice blue lakes, gushing mountain streams and some pretty cool campsites. k&a Social media whore us:

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Photo dump: Chasing the Patagonian blue

The humbling outdoor spaces, the high peaks and the late golden light that we’ve called home for two months – springtime El Bolson. A visual perspective of the curvy beauty aside the ice blue Rio Azul and the riotous colour of the meandering river banks. k&a Social media whore us:

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Photo dump: Cordoban clout

Cordoba – Argentina’s second largest city – showed us no signs of a second rate attitude. Smack bang in the geographical centre of the country, the locals seem to wear their cultural heart on their sleeve. Not an attractive stop at first sight, the city’s beauty lies in the core surrounding the leafy plazas. Blessed […]

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Photo dump: Colonia, more than an Argentinian visa run. Just.

Jokingly abused as an express port for visa renewals by long term BA lovers, Colonia deserves a little more respect. With a history from 1680, UNESCO had some faith and slapped a heritage listing on the oldest town in Uruguay. A dilapidated, riverside kind of heaven for architecture junkies.  Our vote: If you’re looking for […]

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