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!Adios Mexico!

After a few days on the Caribbean coast of Mexico I´d love to show you scenes of azure water and frolicking images of a pristine beach landscape. But I can´t. I´ve spent the entire time indoors; increasing my tolerance to spice, drinking tequila and mezcal knocked back with salty limes, topped off with dancing to […]

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The sweet life of Rio Dulce

The Caribbean town of Livingston sits on the Eastern coast of Guatemala right below Belize. It´s also the gateway to a huge river system that winds it´s way to the second biggest lake in Central America – Lake Izabal. It´s a mixed up, funky kind of place that feels very Caribbean, a little bit like […]

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Cartagena – a crumbling city of contrasts

Cartagena is one of those places that romances you with historic beauty and then disappoints you with the disparate poverty on the other side of her crumbling walls. Driving in to the sea side city, it’s all discarded rubbish, shacks, fruit vendors and muddy roads. Government corruption over many years has ensured that the cities […]

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