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Peruvian desert antics

Five years ago I took a couple of months out to do a whirlwind trip to South America. Mainly I had dreamed of seeing the animals on Galapagos Islands and hiking in the high altitude mountains of the Andes. This is the continuation and retelling of that journey. Kris It´s official – Peruvians are absolutely crazy drivers. This opinion covers […]

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Sleeping under Egyptian stars

A few years ago I travelled solo to Egypt where I would meet up with other travellers for the usual gammit of Egyptian experiences; a float down the Nile, a camp in the desert, and a wander in ancient tombs. This is the continuation of my adventure. Kris After a fewpent around a camp fire […]

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How to make sweet, sweet Roti

The good people of Thailand knew a tasty thing when they saw it; they took the traditional Indian Roti and turned it in to a decadently sweet snack that goes perfectly with the island vibe of their own country. A brilliant chocolate chaser after a spicy coconut curry. Andres can’t stop eating them, so I […]

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How to make Nom Tong Noun – a sweet Cambodian desert

This is a very light and crunchy traditional Cambodian desert, often served with a milky icecream to chase away the heat on steamy nights. It’s super easy and quick to make, and looks a little fancier and trickier than it actually is. Scoff. You will need: Half a cup of rice flour, 2 duck eggs, […]

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How to make sticky rice flour balls with palm sugar

In Khmer tradition, this sticky sweet desert is made as an antidote for cheating husbands. Humorously nicknamed Kill Husband Cakes, they are traditionally served up as a bitter sweet delicacy that could get stuck in a mans throat and cause him to choke. Jokes aside, these sugar filled slippery rice balls are a curious texture […]

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Exploring the remote desert of la guajira

In the Northern most Colombian province of La Guajira an expansive and unforgiving desert meets the Caribbean sea. A remote wilderness of scorching heat where indigenous communities are barely surviving on the gifts from the ocean and visitors have the opportunity to feel completely alone. The disparity between rich and poor is glaringly obvious as […]

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