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Photo dump: The dance of the dragon

One of the most important parts of the New Year Spring Festival is the dance of the dragon; a spectacular procession that evokes traditional Chinese values. It also just so happens to be the Year of the Dragon – the fire breathing ‘star’ of the zodiac for a good number of reasons. Dragons are meant […]

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How to drink Baijiu like a Chinaman

It was Australia Day, we felt it was our National duty to hunt down other Australians, dig up our inner bogan, subject other travellers to horrible renditions of Aussie Rock and drink too much beer. Disregarding the true importance of Australia’s National Holiday, like the majority of Australians, and treating it as a good excuse […]

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Eternal Spring

Spring has been slipping quietly in to the dark and windy corners of Dali and whispering her delight in the change of season. The fields are starting to laugh as pink blossoms, yellow fields and white magnolias transform the countryside. Slowly, slowly, the sun has been warming up our Wintery bones and the atmosphere is […]

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Blasting our way in to the Chinese New Year

Chinese people certainly know how to party! On the eve of the Dragon New Year anarchy reigned supreme. As the good folk of Dali set off every firecracker they could get their hands on, from super rockets that lit up the night sky, to tiny throw downs and huge boxes of noise reminiscent of battle; […]

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Painting the town Chinese Red

As Chinese communities around the world prepare for the Dragon New Year, we’re feeling pretty excited to have a front seat to all the action. The streets are heaving with people shopping for new clothes, buying up special foods at the market and painting their doors with a fresh coat of lucky red. The mood […]

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Cycling through the green fields of rural China

Right outside the fortress walls of Dali’s ancient town lies a vast green world of orderly vegetable gardens, Bai villages, fishing jetties and peaceful dirt roads. All accessible by bicycle and hardly a car in sight. With the icy wind in my hair and a pack on my back I meandered past villagers harvesting greens, […]

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Nice day for a white Chinese wedding

Living under a cold mountain range at a highish elevation is completely different to the tropical Australia we left behind. The Cangshan mountains aren’t high by Himalayan standards and not really snowy by Winter measures, but seeing them every day as part of the landscape is a new pleasure. The mountains dominate the old town […]

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Cangshan Mountains: a brisk wander in to the Chinese wilderness

Towering above Dali are the moody mountains of Cangshan; at a height of over 4,000 metres they are dusted with snow, often heavy with threatening clouds and sometimes jagged against a moon lit night. Such are the mountains in Winter. We wanted to walk amongst the freshness of the pine trees, taste the glacial fed […]

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Bring on the night: Dali by moon light

One of the things that’s easy to love about living in Dali is the way the atmosphere is transformed by night. As the sun sets behind the mountains and the moon reflects above the lake, the town is illuminated anew; in a Chinese red lantern fantasy kind of way. With the full moon on the […]

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Photo dump: Chinese people watching

With a sneaky long lens I took to the streets of Dali. I wanted to try and capture some of the interesting and beautiful people we pass daily. From the old faces that sit around outdoor tables playing mahjong, to the well earned wrinkles at the central food market, the routine of Chinese life is abundantly […]

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