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Keeping my head above the clouds

A divine highlight of Costa Rica has to be, hands down, Monteverde National Park. Monteverde translates to green mountain, and not only is it a lush, misty, mossy fantasy land; but it is also home to an incredible array of plants and animal life. I spent a glorious early morning start hiking the foggy trails, […]

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Night time creatures of the Costa Rican cloud forest

Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, in particular the environment of the Tropical Cloud Forest ecosystem. These forests support 20% of the world´s plant diversity and on a single tree you can find up to 200 different plant species alone. That makes Monteverde National Park the ideal place […]

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Peaking inside Poas Volcano

Central America is bursting with volcanic action, so I was pretty keen when a friend suggested a day trip to Poas Volcano National Park. Poás is still very much active, it´s an easy walk up to a look out where you can peer in to the internal lake, bubbling away at a steamy 40 degrees. The […]

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Photo dump: Hiking the Caribbean coastline

Taking a walk in Cahuita National Park couldn´t have turned out better. Considering it´s the rainy season there wasn´t a drop in sight, the sun turned on it´s charm and made me very reluctant to be leaving the Caribbean coast. Over a lesiurely 8km hike that was broken up with some ocean floating, a sloth […]

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Costa Rica animal conservation – sloth style

It’s not everyday you get to spend time with one of the most bizarre animals in the world – the humble sloth. They are an endangered species in much of Central and South America, but in Costa Rica there is an amazing rehabilitation centre dedicated to conserving this charming furry beast. Most of the sloths […]

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Indulging my inner nature nerd in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s main appeal for me has always related to everything natural. So much so I headed straight to the local Botanical Gardens in Puerto Viejo where I was pleased to be the only tourist amongst a startling array of gorgeous tropical plants, exotic fruits and a few beautiful creatures, exactly the type of environment […]

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