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Medical tourism for vagabonds

Hospitals might be the last place a traveller feels like visiting while exploring a new place, unless the purpose of their trip is to get that [insert organ/procedure] for a fraction of what it would cost you at home. In my case there is nothing to replace, yet, and nothing I want to make easier […]

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The Cordoba Bible

My first impression of Cordoba as a city was unimpressive. A smaller version of Buenos Aires with less visual oomph. An abundance of churches with remnants of devotional stuff. Instinct told me our two month stay wasn’t going to be a spiritual experience. I needed a sign. The ‘light’ appeared in the form of Wendy; […]

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Photo dump: Christmas in Cordoba, Argentina

We believe the best thing about Christmas is the stuff you shove in your mouth. The joy of indulging in all your favourite tastes and the ideal excuse for some shared gluttony. With food in mind, we’ve captured images from the local market of Cordoba; red hot colour, spicy ingredients and a sweaty festive atmosphere. […]

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A dedo [Verb]: By thumb, hitchhiking to Patagonia

Hitchhiking is more than a way to avoid transportation expenses while surrendering to chance. ‘Thumbing it’ is also a guaranteed way to encounter colorful individuals, as you visit far-off places and ruminate what you would not appreciate otherwise. That, or a shortcut to the front page of lurid newspapers. Looking for a fair share of […]

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Photo dump: The road to Patagonia

A roadside perspective from our week long ride. Hitching our way from Cordoba to El Bolson – Patagonia, across a diverse 2,000kms. Along the way we where humbled by local generosity, luna landscapes, towering volcanoes, our own unwashed humanity and enormous stretches of uninhabited beauty.  k&a Social media whore us:

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The Colombian connection

A small observation for the record. I’m not technically qualified to hypothesize yet, but seemingly most South Americans, and absolutely Colombians, have a knack of offering the world without any expectation of a return favour. To say this is humbling is a major understatement. We arrived in Cordoba a week ago and have been living […]

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Photo dump: Cordoban clout

Cordoba – Argentina’s second largest city – showed us no signs of a second rate attitude. Smack bang in the geographical centre of the country, the locals seem to wear their cultural heart on their sleeve. Not an attractive stop at first sight, the city’s beauty lies in the core surrounding the leafy plazas. Blessed […]

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