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Diggin’ the organic farm life: wwoofing in Cordoba

Collecting water from the well wasn’t exactly something I could have said I’d done lately. As virgin wwoofers we where in need of a patient and mature teacher. And as it worked out, Shamballah just happened to be the idyllic setting for our first time working on a farm. After three months of impersonating slugs […]

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Gluttony on a budget

Champagne on a beer budget is a good Aussie expression I like to refer to, even though I know it doesn’t sound like much fun to skimp on food! Fine tuning our taste buds, to reflect our wallet, has been an interesting challenge – but we haven’t exactly been going hungry. We have managed to […]

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Where for art thou tofu?

Did someone say pass the steak? Chances are, and seems to be common, that passing the ‘carne’ in Buenos Aires is close to de riguer. What to do? I have already caved to the sinly fetish known as quesos… The allergic at home, but somehow resurrected no allergy pleasure in South America – commonly known […]

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