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The silk artisans of Siem Reap, Cambodia

“Anyone interested in stopping at the silk farm?” someone shouted out to our group en route to Siem Reap from Battambang. No response. How exciting could silk worms be?, I thought to myself. As we got closer to the city, the team I had been volunteering with during my stay in Cambodia got more excited […]

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A village homestay in Snoeung, Cambodia

The village of Snoeung sits close to the Thai border – about 35km from the city of Battambang where I’ve been volunteering with Ptea Teuk Dong (PTD) these past few weeks. I had the pleasure of visiting the community in my first week, mostly to look at the site where PTD are building a community centre and school for […]

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Volunteering in Cambodia with Ptea Teuk Dong

Where to even start on what has been an incredible few weeks volunteering in Cambodia? I should first introduce the people I have chosen to support and learn from, not only because I respect their method of community development, but also because their approach is non religious – increasingly rare in Cambodia it seems. They also acknowledge the important […]

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Battambang city life

The more time I spend in this little city the more I realise how much I love it. While that might be directly proportionate to the satisfaction of my volunteering gig, I suspect that Battambang is the kind of place that you need to take some time to get to know if you’re aiming to understand her inner nuances. After […]

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Village life in provincial Battambang

Before we left Australia I had heard wonderful things about Battambang from other travellers, how the city centre has a certain architectural charm, how friendly the people are, and how much we’d love it. But as we drove in to the city last weekend, past the rubbish strewn industrial areas, the dilapidated shop fronts and over […]

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Exploring the women’s temple of Banteay Srei

For most visitors to Siem Reap, exploring the Angkor Archaeological Park sits at the top of the list of must see attractions. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the main temple, known as Angkor Wat, draws thousands of people every day; crowds of tourists jostling for the perfect sunrise position amidst a flurry of camera clicks and tour […]

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Settling in to Siem Reap

Returning to Cambodia after a four year hiatus feels very cruisy. The familiar smell of red jasmine growing over fences, the wafts of burning rubbish, lemongrass and coconut curry, welcoming us back with open arms. To find yourself revisiting a place that you know even a little means the desire to rush around and see the main […]

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How to make fresh Cambodian spring rolls

Fresh spring rolls are very much a part of the diet in this part of Asia, they are cheap to buy, versatile and really healthy. And on hot days they make the perfect satisfying snack-ette. You can make them stuffed full with any meat or vegetable combination; add fresh prawns and avocado or spice them […]

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Scoffing our way through the fresh seafood of Kep

We’ve been spending our last days in Cambodia on the South Eastern coastline of Kep, where it’s all about the local seafood, especially the crab cooked in every imaginable combination of peppercorns, chilli, lemongrass and garlic. The area is also renowned for it’s pepper farms and glimpses of it’s French colonial past. The only French […]

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How to make Nom Tong Noun – a sweet Cambodian desert

This is a very light and crunchy traditional Cambodian desert, often served with a milky icecream to chase away the heat on steamy nights. It’s super easy and quick to make, and looks a little fancier and trickier than it actually is. Scoff. You will need: Half a cup of rice flour, 2 duck eggs, […]

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