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A different light

Passing through Buenos Aires in a different season seems foreign again. Returning after three months to the suburb we loved during Winter, and sensing the playful heat of Summer, almost makes me feel like the city has been cheating on us. The sky is a cheery blue, the locals are flashing flesh around, and all […]

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Travelling Crust: a Texan teaching English in Argentina

Inspiration for anyone thinking about earning a peso in a foreign place and not returning home for as long as the wind blows. Working with the children of Central American immigrants as an English teacher in Texas allowed Frances to understand the challenges of the education system. With a love of culture, a large dose […]

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Visa run from Buenos Aires to Uruguay

Visa runs are the equivalent of doing taxes for the chronic traveller, that pesky duty that every now and then needs to be done. After ninety days in Buenos Aires we did our first visa run to Colonia de Sarmiento, Uruguay, a town with stagnant charm and deafening peace.  The pictures posted earlier will give […]

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Photo dump: Potent after dark

Buenos Aires permeates your senses and before you know it you’re hooked! Persuading the psyche like a smiling, virile dictator. What’s not to love? k&a Social media whore us:

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Tigre delta tripping

Buenos Aires is notorious for it’s myriad of restaurants, bars, theaters, museums, football stadiums and city dwelling delights. In short, nothing nature lovers could be expecting before they get here. But if nature beckons, there are a few choices not too far from BA. One of the most popular is Tigre. A small city that […]

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Latin Jammin

I woke up this morning feeling like I had spent the night sucking on a car exhaust pipe. Seriously. I must have had a good time. After a year together it didn’t take much arm twisting to convince Andres that a good night out was in order. Somewhere with cool tunes and liquid bubbles. Come […]

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La Catedral tango den

When an Irishmen says to you “This is the best bar I have ever been to in my life” you should pay careful attention! La Catedral is one of those places that you feel you are in a dream state. As a tourist you should probably respect the voyeuristic dance perspective you are lucky enough […]

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Photo dump: Game on Buenos Aires

From outdoor ping pong, fuzbol and tango, this city has plenty of room for play. k&a Social media whore us:

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Hankering for a dirty cowboy sausage?

After reading reviews about Feria de Mataderos possessing ‘the best handicrafts in town and an authentic gaucho atmosphere’ we became curious. Numerous travel blogs have also ‘big noted’ the cowboy market as one of THE best things to see in Buenos Aires. We saw it rather differently. I thought we had wandered in to some […]

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Gluttony on a budget

Champagne on a beer budget is a good Aussie expression I like to refer to, even though I know it doesn’t sound like much fun to skimp on food! Fine tuning our taste buds, to reflect our wallet, has been an interesting challenge – but we haven’t exactly been going hungry. We have managed to […]

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