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The plastic faces of Paddington

The funny thing about your own city is that you notice the familiar things you walk past every day, but sometimes you need a fresh face to remind you of the quirkiness lurking beneath. Today that fresh face happened to be an old friend that Andres and I first met in Brisbane back in 2008; […]

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Putting down roots

Looking back over images I’ve taken since I last wrote I realise there has been a subconscious theme building – one of growth, shelter and putting down roots. I’ve been looking up a lot it seems, noticing the trees that I pass by on my regular walks to University. Capturing the change in season of […]

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The perfect Aussie park day

In Australia, drinking in the park could be described as a passionate cultural tradition. People get married in parks, celebrate major events, spend hours lazing around over picnics or kicking some kind of ball. All with an ample supply of booze tucked somewhere in to the picture. This weekend was no different, albeit a little […]

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Eating our way through an Aussie cyclone

It’s not any regular day that you have the wonderful thought “If I don’t start eating my way through the fridge right now then all my food will need to be chucked – and wouldn’t that be a waste?! So it was the other day – the fridge was packed to the brim with champagne, […]

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Flowering Aussie Summer

It’s starting to get really sweaty in sub-tropical Brisbane – the fans are becoming a constant accompaniment to the sound of cicadas, lawn mowers and squawking bats at sunset. The perfect season to revisit one of my favourite natural spaces in our city – The Botanical Gardens at Mt Cootha. Established for over 40 years, […]

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Brisbane up late

As a taxi driver working the late shift, Andres sees the most unsavoury side of human beings on a regular basis. Driving the Brisbane streets until 4am he’s gotten to know a city that is often seedy, endearingly clumsy and sometimes beautiful. Yes people vomit in the cab, offer all kinds of ways of paying […]

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There’s no place like home

Once a year Brisbane celebrates everything about what ‘home’ means to the community at HOME Festival – a reminder that even though we live in a big city, we are all connected. With a huge selection of workshops, music, local food and all round creative inspiration, it’s a unique event and accessible to everyone – […]

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Poking around Paddington

Since we returned home to Australia we’ve set up house in an old familiar suburb, close to friends, walking distance to the city and most of all in an area that celebrates the colonial charm of Brisbane. A place heaving with Australian history, quaint boutiques and traditional wooden homes. The kind of leafy place where […]

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Noosa landing

A guest post from a lovely English lady we have the current pleasure to be sharing our home in Australia with. Kris and Andres My first weekend out of the city… after relocating to Brisbane a few days before. Not a bad start I thought. Although after getting out of the car at Noosa National […]

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Digging Brisbane’s organic city farm

One of my favourite spaces in Brisbane is an organic community garden; set amongst huge shady trees, it’s the perfect start to a sunny Sunday. As a tourist, Northey Street City Farm offers an insight in to all the healthy things happening in our public spaces, and it’s also a great people watch. You can […]

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