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Back in the beat of Bogotá

Colombia is one of those countries that plays havoc with good intentions; in a you-only-live-once, reckless kind of way. Being back on the busy, high altitude streets of Bogotá, where the weather does it’s drizzly best to lure you in to cafe’s, bars and restaurants, it’s easy to forget all the rules and dive in […]

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Photo dump: Festival Gastronómico de Bogotá

Once a year Bogota hosts the ultimate outdoor foodie event: Alimentarte, which basically translates to ‘feed yourself’, and that we did. Set in a huge green space in an upmarket suburb of Bogota, the crowd was packed, the forks where flying and we savored some gourmet delicacies from Colombia and neighbouring countries. The toughest challenge […]

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Back in the Bogota groove

Andres grew up in Bogota in the early eighties, a city with a bad reputation and a politically turbulent history. Leaving to study in Australia in 2006, he’s been a long time coming home; returning to a much changed Colombia. I wondered how much. Does time away from Colombia make you feel disconnected from your […]

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Arepa’s: lost in a beautiful buttery maize

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by food choices from the questionable streets of Colombia; especially by the dish often touted as the national one: La arepa. Quite simply it’s a cooked maize or corn flour patty, but it’s what people do to them that transforms the arepa into something addictive. They are served suffocated with […]

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Loud and proud Bogota

After a few nights burning the midnight oil in Bogota, it’s refreshing to see such a huge gay scene, great dancing options and a progressive stance towards gay partnerships. Thanks to a series of decisions by the Constitutional Court over the last few years, cohabiting gay couples have the same common-law marriage benefits as straight […]

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Photo dump: The beauty of botanical Bogota

Despite its congestion, Bogotá has plenty of green spaces; especially with the cloud draped Andes mountains backing the imposing high rise. After a couple of weeks of city living we were craving some concentrated nature, our desires were well met within the biggest Botanical Garden in Colombia: Jardín Botánico José Celestino Mutis, roughly 50-acres of […]

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La pasión de Botero

One of the most famous of the modern Colombian artists would have to be a guy that loves to paint, sculpt and illustrate voluptuous figures of people and still life. So round in fact, you would be forgiven in thinking the guy has a fat fetish. His work is gorgeous, political and provocative; synonymous with […]

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Photo dump: Bogota tour de historia

I`ve just spent 2 weeks visiting Bogota during the worst floods in 4o years. The soggy weather, combined with people fleeing for Easter, meant the city was more peaceful than normal. Armed with the local knowledge of Andres`s family, we wandered through the old streets of the historic centre, elaborate art museums and gold encrusted […]

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All that glistens is Colombian Gold

Bogota is a crazy city, intense traffic, a turbulent history and full of hidden surprises. Spending time away from the Amazon couldn´t be more different than a stay in the capital. I found a place to escape the hustle, learn some history and be inspired by Prehispanic cosmology; the Museo del Oro or the Gold […]

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Meeting our Colombian family

Arriving in Colombia after a month solo in Bolivia has been intense. Good intense. I always wondered what the place Andres grew up in was like, and I believe that to really know a person it helps to see what influences they had as child. My cultural curiosity has now been thoroughly quenched. We have […]

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