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Relishing the classic Aussie beach day

For me, growing up in Sydney was all about the Harbour – swimming laps in ocean pools after school, meeting friends at parks to watch the sunset across the water and body surfing the breaks along the Northern Beaches. Returning home to perfect weather after two years away has reminded me how lucky I am […]

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The art of doing nothing: harder than it looks

As we spend more time on Koh Phayam, we’ve had the luxury of appreciating the little things; like stormy tropical rain that’s made the sky moody and the children squeal. Of a morning, the sun has been illuminating the ocean to a hard to resist tropical blue. Butterflies have also been in abundance as the […]

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Thai idle time

For those of you who’ve never been to an island in Thailand, it’s pretty easy to sum up the adventure. It’s very much like an Australian beach holiday where you spend the day deciding on whether to sit in the sun or lay under a tree, which book you’re going to read first and creating […]

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