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The truth about Thailand’s Tiger Temple

As an animal lover I’ve always been very anti-zoo, but also as an animal lover, having the opportunity to hand feed some beautiful tiger cubs was hard to resist. I wanted to find out if the very popular Tiger Temple really was a conservation experience or a tourist business profiting from animal incarceration. On a […]

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One place to eat before you die

If you only have a couple of days in Bangkok you have to save some stomach space for a hearty seafood meal in Chinatown. Not that we’re advocating shark fin consumption, but we want to point you in the direction of a place that encompasses the energy of the city, while dishing up incredibly tasty […]

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How to get your greasy oyster on in Bangkok

Even after all the luscious Chinese food we’ve been eating, as soon as the word Bangkok was mentioned, Andres’s eyes glazed over and he started to reminisce about fried oysters in a dubious Chinatown alley. He used the words rich and dangerous. My interest was peaked. We’ve both spent quite a bit of time in […]

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