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A dedo [Verb]: By thumb, hitchhiking to Patagonia

Hitchhiking is more than a way to avoid transportation expenses while surrendering to chance. ‘Thumbing it’ is also a guaranteed way to encounter colorful individuals, as you visit far-off places and ruminate what you would not appreciate otherwise. That, or a shortcut to the front page of lurid newspapers. Looking for a fair share of […]

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Keeping it tight living the wwoofing life

Our quest for refining ‘tight-ass’ while travelling has reached a new level of willing scabbiness. For three months happily farming our way around Argentina we’ve managed to spend close to $500 each. Granted, we haven’t moved much and when we did it was some kind of hitch-hiking joy. We’ve also completely refrained from alcohol compared […]

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Gluttony on a budget

Champagne on a beer budget is a good Aussie expression I like to refer to, even though I know it doesn’t sound like much fun to skimp on food! Fine tuning our taste buds, to reflect our wallet, has been an interesting challenge – but we haven’t exactly been going hungry. We have managed to […]

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I think there is crack in my Argentinian pastry

Something is going down in the bakeries here. The smell of sweet pastry goods is seriously cranked to addictive levels. By the time winter thaws, our bodies will be made of 80% dulce de leche. Not to mention the cheesy onion empanadas (that Andres likes to call poor man’s fondue), and the best buttery croissants […]

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Park bench fare

Feeling scabby and hungry and in need of a good walk? Catch the Subte to Plaza Italia (Palermo), head across to the artsy green zone and get hunting!* Word on the park bench is that there are some pretty tasty felines lurking in the Botanical Gardens. You can amuse yourself, get some much needed city […]

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Dodgy Planet – a scabs guide

With the global economy as low as the morals of local Argentine politicians, we thought it a priority to share some personal experience about living on the cheap. Useful tips for those who might be adverse to working for long periods of time; serious travelers stretching the dosh, or maybe you’re volunteering and looking for […]

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