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Hiking to San Isidro

I was long overdue to get my hike on, determined to find some people to help me scratch the trekking itch. Wandering solo in nature isn’t a safe idea in a lot of places, especially Iruya. After a heavy night of rain the river was frothing a turgid chocolate colour and the soft soil of […]

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Photo dump: Exploring Iruya

The past few days I’ve been heading closer to Bolivia, immersed in the remoteness of North West Argentina. Experiencing the tranquil feeling of being alone. Surrounded by nature and just enough people; exactly the kind of ‘lost’ I’ve been seeking. Leaving Purmamarca, then passing overnight in Humahuaca, I was fortunate to finally arrive in Iruya […]

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Photo dump: Pondering Purmamarca

Leaving the lush green hills of Salta behind, the bus chugged it’s way higher some 1,000 metres to Purmamarca – population 350. Nothing to do was exactly what I was looking for. Cactus covered barren mountains tower over the mud brick town, changing colour as quickly as the light. I found a room to stay […]

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One night of passion in Salta

Most travellers are hoping for some romantic inspiration in a new place. If only for a night. I was no exception. Although going out at night when you’re travelling by yourself can be challenging. Especially if you’re the only person eating alone. I waver between loving it and feeling like a spare tool. The fear […]

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Photo dump: Wandering the streets of Salta

Salta la Linda may just be my new favourite city in Argentina. A historic mix of Spanish influences and indigenous colour. Set amongst wide streets of hanging trees and spice indulging people. It’s love at first sight.  Kris Social media whore us:

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Photo dump: Mercado de Comestibles de Salta

First things first in a fresh Argentinian city. Hungrily I headed straight to the central market to explore the regional food specialities of Salta. Amongst the crowd of spice and foreign ingredients I found a new love in a parcel of corn leaves known as humitas. Kris Social media whore us:

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Doing my worst for international relations

Staying up to fiesta all night before a lengthy bus ride was probably my first mistake. Knocking back several gin and tonics to celebrate the start of my solo jaunt being the second error in judgement. Add to that an over zealous consumption of chickpeas at an all you can eat buffet  and hitting the […]

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Tu casa, mi casa

If you’ve been picturing us savouring the Latin night life, discovering the underground bars of Cordoba, and meeting fabulous people from all over the world, you’d be very wrong. We’ve actually been doing the complete opposite – big fat nada (nothing). It seems our greatest success has been taking the word ‘house-sit’ to a new […]

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WWOOFing our way to Nirvana

Working on organic farms in Argentina (WWOOFing) has been inspiring, and like most experiences, all the people in the mix determine how tasty the cake is. When the first farm we worked at for a month, and loved, mentioned they we’re creating a week long music festival in January, we knew we had to return […]

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Medical tourism for vagabonds

Hospitals might be the last place a traveller feels like visiting while exploring a new place, unless the purpose of their trip is to get that [insert organ/procedure] for a fraction of what it would cost you at home. In my case there is nothing to replace, yet, and nothing I want to make easier […]

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