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How to make jungle bread aka Selva pan de la Amazonía

Traditional bread of the Amazon is not at all like bread in other parts of the world, but it’s a staple that is as much a part of the indigenous community as carrying a machete. It’s also quite a process that we watch being made regularly in our home. It’s called casabe and it’s made […]

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Photo dump: Three Amazon countries in one day

One of the really cool things about living in Leticia is that we are part of a community that stretches between a few Amazon countries; Colombia, Brazil and Peru. Crossing between borders is an everyday occurrence and the cultural differences between nations are respected, as well as a handy acceptance of three currencies in all […]

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A rumble in the jungle

The initial excitement of living in a wild jungle environment has been tempered by frustration with local workers, heat, relentless mosquitoes and torrential rains. But accepting a job over the internet, location unseen, in a sketchy border town is bound to quickly reveal some surprises. We expected that. Living in a natural and remote space […]

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Vivir la vida de la selva Amazónica

Living within the Amazon jungle has opened up a whole new visual world. From the dark green, sweaty spaces of lush growth, to swirly chocolate brown river currents, life on and around the biggest river in the world is full of colourful surprises. To view our expanding photo perpspective visit our Facebook page here. k&a […]

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Introducing our new house mate Paco

I never imagined what living with a feathered friend was all about, and not just any bird, but a beautiful blue and yellow Macaw named Paco. He´s noisy, colourful and entertaining all at once, just not the kind of cuddly pet I´m used to. Andres is pretty much smitten, enduring painful beak nips and sharp […]

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Living in the garden of Earthly delights

Our first few days unwinding to the pace of the Amazon have been quite eventful. It`s a big change to fly from the freshness of high altitude Bogota, across an ocean of green jungle and land in a beautiful sweat box. We`ve shifted to our new hut , but somehow not as accessible to the town […]

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