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Hey there! We are Kris and Andres, an Aussie and a Colombian sharing stories and photos as we wander. Aiming to squeeze the most out of life, neither of us want to be able to look backwards and say we haven’t followed our dreams, lived for the moment or died wondering. So far so good.

Starting our blog from Argentina in early 2010 we spent eighteen months in South America – working as volunteers on organic farms, hanging out with elephant seals and hiking our way through some incredible landscapes. A chunk of our time in Colombia was spent running a hostel in the Amazon jungle where we lived amongst a multi-ethnic indigenous community on the borders of Brazil and Peru.

Leaving South America we spent a few months travelling apart through Central America and Asia simultaneously. Rejoining in Cambodia we travelled overland through Vietnam and on to Chinacalling the Yunnan Province home while we did some English Teaching. Now we are back for a lengthy stay in Australia, popping out for short escapes between study and work, but intent on sharing the beauty of the big island known affectionately as Oz!

Who are we

Kris is an ex-graphic designer from Sydney, Australia, cum full time Social Work student. Her part time work is now focused in community mental health as she preps for a career that she hopes will combine her passions. Most of all, she enjoys sharing her photographic impressions as well as her life long travel addiction. Having visited over 60 countries Kris is taking a reluctant hiatus from long term travel while she kick starts a mid life career change.

A native of Bogota, Colombia, Andres studied in Australia and possesses a serious penchant for linguistics. It’s not every day you meet a Colombian that speaks Mandarin and Nepali. He has stepped back from contributing to the writing side of the blog for now but he relishes assuming the logistics role on the road and optimizing anything he can get his hands on.

Why 2 sporks 1 cup?

The humble spork is our metaphor for travelling light in life – one utensil that contains a fork, a spoon and a knife, often used by thrifty campers. A cup denotes the greater meaning of life – full or empty, we’re sharing this one for now. If the name reminds you of anything else you might also realise we’ve got a distasteful sense of humour.

You can find a lot of extra photos and travel updates on our Facebook page. We are also interested in spreading the travel love and sharing guest posts with other bloggers.

The quickest way to get distracted on this blog is to click on a country you’d like to visit under the Categories menu or type in a particular destination under Search.

We hope our blog inspires you to take a trip somewhere!

Kris and Andres

Disclaimer: Any embellishments will be due to ‘enthusiasm surplus’, in no way should it be taken as a conscious effort to capture your imagination.


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