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Busting an organic move to Shamballa

It’s time to hit the dodgy road…
We’ve been in Buenos Aires for over three months, and on reflection, have experienced a lot. We have both written about the local scene, the general atmosphere, the grungy inspiration and the quest to find work; but there have been some other unexpected pleasures.

We have perfected the fine art of motionless slothdom, I have never moved so little in my life. The combination of near zero temperatures, a warm bed, unemployment, and a Master Slug companion, have helped me hit an all time low on outdoor activity. Pile on the new options for eating, a good heater and a well equipped kitchen, and I have realized that I can actually do less. A lot less!

Slowing down, reducing the tangible outcome of each day, and lowering the ‘what can I see, do, achieve right now?’ expectation has been a valuable exercise in patience. It takes dedication and commitment to reach such an unproductive state of Nirvana.

We have read some beautiful books, slowly and greedily; sometimes not leaving the cave for three days at a time and only shifting to shower, eat and sleep. Practicing the dance of living together, but within hours of blissful silence. Decadent time that most people don’t surrender to until retirement. I feel lucky.

This time has also been a reminder that nothing comes of clinging to the best laid plans. Life is not going to dish things up just because you really want them. A back up plan is always a good idea. And by back up plan, I mean a new and perhaps foolish dream.

WWOOFing our way across Argentina and becoming pseudo organic farmers is the ‘next’ dream. Getting dirty, shifting places, working in exchange for food and a roof – that all sounds pretty romantic to me. First stop: jumping on a train North West to Cordoba and starting work on Shamballa Permaculture farm. Hopefully we’ll land paid jobs in a rural Argentinian setting along the way, or North in a fresh country. Vamos!


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