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Photo dump: Falling hard for Hoi An

For the first time in Vietnam I’ve felt comfortable enough to wave my camera around in the streets day and night, walking with a renewed passion for the beautiful architectural spaces of Hoi An, the village scenes unfolding, and the general vibe of being in a completely unique and lovely place. The Vietnam fantasy has been coming true for us as each new corner and market is explored.

I’ve been reminded of the beauty of another UNESCO Heritage listed place in Latin America; Hoi An is kind of like Colombia’s Cartagena but with different food and Asian faces. A village atmosphere where time has kind of stood still. A place where everyone can imagine what life was like when people took the time to craft beautiful homes out of timber and mud, decorating things with care and tradition.

Like Cartagena, I was inspired by the crumbling beauty that transpires over the passing of time. As always, I feel comfortable telling it best with an extensive photo dump.


Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Confucius

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