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How to make Nom Tong Noun – a sweet Cambodian desert

This is a very light and crunchy traditional Cambodian desert, often served with a milky icecream to chase away the heat on steamy nights. It’s super easy and quick to make, and looks a little fancier and trickier than it actually is. Scoff.

You will need:
Half a cup of rice flour, 2 duck eggs, 1 tbspn of sugar, half a cup of coconut cream, 1 tspn of black sesame seeds and a 1/4 of a cup of oil.

Do this:
Set aside one duck egg and the oil. Take the rest of the ingredients and make a batter. Beat the remaining egg and mix with the oil. Heat your waffle pan until hot and on one side brush some of the oil mix until the side is covered. Pour your batter on the other side, close the waffle pan and cook for a few minutes, making sure to turn over to make sure it browns evenly on either side. Cook for a few minutes and roll into cones as per the photos below. Enjoy the crunchy goodness.

Scoff like this:
Arrange on a plate with fresh fruit and flowers, a side of ice cream and an icy cold black coffee with extra sugar in a tall glass.

To find out more about where we learned how to make this delicious desert and the cooking classes available in Siem Reap visit Beyond. unique escapes.


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