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How to make sticky rice flour balls with palm sugar

In Khmer tradition, this sticky sweet desert is made as an antidote for cheating husbands. Humorously nicknamed Kill Husband Cakes, they are traditionally served up as a bitter sweet delicacy that could get stuck in a mans throat and cause him to choke. Jokes aside, these sugar filled slippery rice balls are a curious texture that are only for true sugar lovers. A little weird but fun all the same.

You will need:
300g sticky rice flour, 5 small pieces (approx 2 tbspns) of palm sugar candy, 100g young grated coconut, 1/3 cup of additional water, 1 pot of boiling water and an extra small bowl of cold water.

Do this:
Mix the sticky rice flour with water and cut the palm sugar candy in to small pieces. Ball the sticky rice flour then push the sugar candy inside. Put the balls in to the boiling pot of water, and when they float they are ready. Sco0p out and put in the extra bowl of water to cool down. Simple and quick.

Scoff like this:
Make banana leaf boats and serve the sticky rice balls topped with young coconut grated across the bowl. Serve with cold iced tea and extra lemon.

To find out more about where we learned how to make this desert and the cooking classes available in Siem Reap visit Beyond. unique escapes.


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