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Learning to cook in support of Cambodian communities

It’s no secret Andres and I love to eat, so exploring a new culture through taste is always high on our list of travelling priorities. We wanted to learn about the rich layers of local cuisine, enjoy the distinctively Khmer flavours, and if we could feel good about it too by helping people in some small way, then all the better.

Cambodia’s tragic past has resulted in the loss of many recipes, and poverty means many families are unable to afford the essential ingredients needed for traditional dishes. From Siem Reap we came across a cooking school that is directly helping the local community.
A percentage of our class fee goes to the village we visited – a village full of smiling children always ready with a screaming Hello!

We spent a full day visiting the village, learning six amazingly delicious dishes and enjoying the after glow of too much of a good tasty thing. So we thought it would be only right to share the love, as well as the recipes, and maybe inspire a few people to drop in to Siem Reap and check out the classes themselves.

Details of ingredients and how to photos to follow in coming posts, but for now we’ve got some visual inspiration of what’s to come. Andres cooked the food and I enjoyed the best bit – eating and photographing it! To find out more about the cooking classes available and other ways to help communities in Siem Reap visit Beyond. unique escapes.


We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are. Adelle Davis

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