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Living the lush life within the traditional houses of Japan

One of the many highlights of my journey to Japan has been the opportunity to experience some intense luxury. After a long time watching every peso on the Latin road, plus an offer from friends to visit me in transit, I was given the perfect excuse to blow the budget and step in to another world.

Days were spent appreciating Japanese zen living, shuffling in slippers along smooth tatami mats, gazing at divine architecture and soaking in decadent steaming baths – it wasn’t hard to adapt to at all. Afterall, it’s not every day you get to swan around in a kimono sipping green tea and pretending you are ensconsed in another time.

We started off with a modern-ish Ryokan (Japanese Inn) in Osaka for the night, appropriately named Carpe Diem. As my first stop in Japan, jaded by some post Canada jet lag, I felt overwhelmed with the technology and refinement of my new Asian world. Sleeping on a firm futon presented beautifully on the floor, soaking up the atmosphere of bowing and graciousness, I quickly slipped in to the peacefulness of a non dormitory environment with familiar faces from home. 

By our fourth night living the Japanese traditional fantasy, admiring the architectural details, languishing in the demure service of the Ryokan hostesses and generally feeling like pigs in mud, we moved on to our ultimate Ryokan experience.

Stepping in to the Kikoku-So Inn was the highlight of the tradtional home stay. It’s hard to describe how humble and kind the people of the Ryokans are; bowing at every question, desperate to make you feel at home and comfortable, making sure you are left in peace but have everything you need before you know you even need it.

All I can say is, if you get the opportunity to peak inside the old world of traditional Japan, kick off your stinky hiking boots for a while and savour the beauty of an ancient Asian culture, then you might have seen the essence of a country that is catapulting faster than any other in to the modern world while still clinging to the pride of their cultured past. It’s an experience that will always stay with me.






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There are 2 Comments to "Living the lush life within the traditional houses of Japan"

  • cassie vincent says:

    Hello lovely sista, How I wish we were there in our kimonos sipping green tea,what a wonderful experience.I’m sure Russell gave it that Aussie feel. Give a big hug to Andreas from us.
    Love and big hugs .xxxxxxxxx

  • kris says:

    Would love to have shared the lushness with you too big sister. There was lots of swanning around, and the best bit – an onsen or tradtional Japanese super hot bath. Didn’t think you’d want photos of that 😉 Love to all the Vinnies from both of us x

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