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Eating with gusto through Nishiki Ichiba Market

After so long in Latin America the beauty of Japan has been intimidating and strange; ultimately different and gorgeous in another sense. The detail of modern Japanese life, the ease of movement, the gentleness of the people and the abundance of options have left me both impressed and walking around with my mouth open in amazement. Most of all I’ve been getting lost in a blissful tasty food coma.

In Kyoto, travelling with friends from home, we spent the first two days falling in love with the cuisine at restaurants and teahouses, making lengthy stops between site seeing for a different kind of culinary pleasure.

Nishiki Ichiba Market took eating things to a whole new level. Covering a vast area within central Kyoto, the food market unravels below pristine covered sails, quirky lanterns, traditional temple escapes and hungry shoppers. You need to pack an extra stomach and a brave curiosity for all things palatable. I was in excellent company to be scoffing.

We snacked on the traditional staples and moved on to green tea custard buns, raw fish sticks, tofu donuts, roasted chestnuts, a riot of pickles, handmade Japanese sweets, followed by things we weren’t too sure about where they exactly came from.

Japanese cuisine is subtle, often organic, always beautifully presented and proudly given – no matter what. I am definitely in love.

Here are some images of the market, and for more appetite inducing pleasure check out my Facebook album of Japanese food that we have managed to squeeze in to our mouths. Kampai!


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