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I think there is crack in my Argentinian pastry

Something is going down in the bakeries here. The smell of sweet pastry goods is seriously cranked to addictive levels. By the time winter thaws, our bodies will be made of 80% dulce de leche. Not to mention the cheesy onion empanadas (that Andres likes to call poor man’s fondue), and the best buttery croissants slathered with caramel money can buy, all at cheap ass prices. For 8 pesos (less than $3 AUD) you can get a whole days calories in high tasting gluttonous fashion – that’s two fat empanadas and hit of dulce. By summer time we could be shooting up hot caramel! It’s always going to be cheaper to eat shite. But this is ‘quality’ shite. Andres says you’ve just got to eat fat to stave off the cold. I’m on it.

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There are 2 Comments to "I think there is crack in my Argentinian pastry"

  • Mon Blades says:

    Well of course I am insanely jealous of the croissants and can’t bear to look at that photo!!
    Have an extra one for me! Meanwhile I have become one of those sad people that has to read ingredients on everything (thank god for champagne and wine!)

    Love and hugs to you both xxxxxx

  • sporks says:

    I’ll take a croissant hit for you Mon! Think of us on the bubbles… xx Kris

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