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Relishing some Canadian culture shock

After a year and a half in Latin America, touching down in Vancouver to visit friends was emotional to say the least. Seeing faces from home has given me just the kick start I needed, as well as reminding me that home is definitely where the heart is. We spent a long weekend hiking to waterfalls, frolicking under pine trees, bracing against chilly skies, knocking back Aussie wine, and eating everything with gusto!

It’ been 15 years since I last visited Canada, so I had the strangest de ja vu everywhere we went. The biggest challenge was having an excessive amount of choice again, culminating in a mild melt down one day when I wanted some snacks and it took me over half an hour to deal with the abundant aisles in a supermarket. I also chewed every persons ear off that made a passing comment to me, being able to use English so lavishly again sent my tongue in to a loquacious spin.

But most of all this pit stop has been about reconnecting. There really is nothing like old friends – people who truly know you and still like you anyway. I can’t thank you enough Becky and Len; for laughing at my distasteful jokes, letting me make a mess in your kitchen and helping me feel warm from the inside out. Now I’ll have to miss you all over again.

For a lengthy look at some of the incredible nature that Canada has to offer, lakeside beauty and antics with friends, take a peek at my Facebook album here.

If things felt culturally strange in Canada, they’re going to feel really weird very soon – next stop the high tech country of Japan!


A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you’ve forgotten the words.

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