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A night out in Cuba

Cuba is a contradiction of sorts, with some of the most attractive people in the world walking the streets of Havana, against a backdrop of fading architectural gorgeousness, it’s often hard to know where to look first.

I went searching for the music of the people. I ended up sweating in a disco that was over 100 degrees, Cubans barely dressed, grinding against each other to Reggaeton. Another club resembled the salsa music convention of hookers and pimps, and my final destination was more like a Cuban theme show for tourists, but I loved it.

My final night out in Cuba at Havana Cafe was spectacular. Unfortunately the security guys thought my camera looked too professional and that I might be smuggling costume secrets out of the country by taking photos. As the night wore on I can kind of imagine why. Song after song the cast of dozens returned to the stage with less and less clothes, only the size of the womens head dress increased, culminating in a finale that saw several ladies balancing large Cuban palm trees on their heads.

My gay friends would have given a kidney to be in the front row, the multi-coloured lycra wrapped around the men didn’t leave much to the imagination as they power kicked, shimmied and acrobated across the stage. Cubans clearly love to dance.

As the air grew thick with cigar fumes, the super Cubano high energy performances got increasingly lewd, moves that would have made a crowd at Oxford street blush. The music ranged from high class jazz, to ballads that gave me goosebumps, to Italian Opera and steamy tropical beats. I kept waiting for Peter Allen to rise out of the stage on a cloud of sparkly fruit.

One thing Cuba definitely has going on is music! This video from Havana Cafe will give you the idea of how much locals REALLY like to shake it.


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