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!Adios Mexico!

After a few days on the Caribbean coast of Mexico I´d love to show you scenes of azure water and frolicking images of a pristine beach landscape. But I can´t. I´ve spent the entire time indoors; increasing my tolerance to spice, drinking tequila and mezcal knocked back with salty limes, topped off with dancing to high volume Spanish Reggae and sickly sweet Latin pop. Not at all a bad scenario. The rain has conspired to undo all my fantasies and washout Playa del Carmen with a force not seen in this part of the country for a long time.

It´s been a complete culture shock of sorts, as ´Playa´ is the resort and party place second to the infamous Cancun. Not my style at all. On the upside, the commercialism of the area and absence of real Mexican culture has kind of warmed me up to the idea that it´s almost time to finally leave Latin America. I´ve enjoyed not having to jump on a bus for a few days, sleep in one place for three nights and reunite with travellers I met back in Guatemala and Belize. Most of all I´ve enjoyed scoffing on fish tacos and king size burritos!

I have one final Latino destination to enjoy – the highly anticipated, classic city of Havana in Cuba. I´m looking forward to the dishevelled architecture, understanding the recent political changes, listening to the local music and staying in an antique house run by some artistic Cubanos.

It´s been too brief to understand how amazing you are Mexico, but what I´ve enjoyed I´ve savoured as completely as a Cuban puffing on a fat one. Next time Mexico!


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